Current trends in X-ray crystallography

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As of now, crystals could be grown using commercial "cocktail" solutions.

Advanced X-ray Crystallography | Kari Rissanen | Springer

Parallel to all these developments, sequencing, cloning, expression, and purification techniques were expanding almost exponentially. It became possible for crystallographers to choose a particular enzyme and study its ramifications with respect to a disease or a defect.

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Replacement of methionine sulfur by its selenium counterpart and growing Se-Met derivatives of crystals and location of the Selenium atoms using multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion techniques became one of the means for the "final solution" of the phase problem. The new century dawned with the announcement of the ribosome structures. What an auspicious beginning! The human genome has been laid bare.

The frontier has presently shifted from genomics to proteomics. At present, there are countless problems in crystallography awaiting solutions. Looking into the telescope of future, I could see that almost all tertiary structural folds of proteins will be sorted out. I could also hear the saying: "If you have a gene, you have a protein; if you have a protein, you have a crystal; if you have a crystal, you will have the data; if you have the data, voila, you have the structure and do what you want to do with it!

The scientist who solved the "phase problem" was awarded the Nobel Prize quite a few years ago. I could see the computers in to be unbelievably faster. Diffraction data could be collected even with crystals of extremely small size. I could see the real time reconstruction of substrate and inhibitor binding to enzymes. I could see that many crystallographic problems and their solutions lead directly to the discovery of new drugs.

I could see certain types of cancer "conquered" due to the elucidation of crystallographic structures.

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Chm 416 - X-ray Crystallography

The days of solving individual protein structures would be like what small molecules are today. I could see that the emphasis will be on multi-protein complexes and nucleic acid assemblages I could see that at least in some cases "tailor-made" drugs to suit individuals will be available due to the knowledge obtained after solving the structure of enzymes isolated from the particular individuals.

I could also see that while understanding would increase in the working of enzymes and in the origin, nature, and cure of diseases, fundamental knowledge in the essentials of crystallography would be far less and sketchy in the majority who practise the trade. I could also see difficulties in mining and tooling the desired nuggets of information due to the presence of several gigantic databases, in spite of unbelievably high-speed desktop computers linked to those databases.

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All in all, the state of the art and science of crystallography will be far better, impressive, and illuminating in the year Wei Yang NIDDK : It has been clear for some time that macromolecular X-ray crystallography is becoming a routine technique thanks to the successes of molecular cloning, protein engineering, and the development of new and robust approaches to the phasing problem including molecular replacement, multiwavelength anomalous scattering, synchrotron radiation sources and direct methods.

In the near future a robot may be able to determine a protein crystal structure without much human intervention. Similar to what happened to small molecule crystallography, the demand for experts trained for many years to use the technique vanishes with the logarithmic growth of new structures. So how shall we, who have spent most of our professional lives solving structures by X-ray crystallography, continue to find new challenges in structural biology research?

One clear answer is to work on more difficult problems as exemplified by the structures of nucleosome, ribosome, RNA polymerase complex, and membrane proteins. But these big problems may not be a prudent choice for small laboratories.

Making Critical Decisions. Effortless.

The alternative choice is to increase the breadth and the depth of what traditional X-ray crystallography encompasses. The answer to the breadth is structural genomics, which aims to solve thousands to hundreds of thousands of new structures. The success of structural genomics will depend on developing methodology to identify targets, to improve protein production, and to automate crystallization and structure determination.

Though APAC occupied the least share of the market, it is expected to experience the fastest growth due to the growing prevalence of diseases that necessitate X-ray crystallography for disease detection.

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Features of Structure Geometrical. Role of XRay Crystallography in Structural. XRay Structural Characterization. ProteinNoble Gas Interactions Investigated.

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